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Email Hosting

Business Email Hosting is perfect for the organization that needs to collaborate or maintain shared appointments and contacts. All of your mailboxes within your organization can share email, address book, calendar, notes, tasks and journal folders. Your organization can use our webmail interface or use a third party email client such as Outlook with our service.

To provide you the most flexibility, you may choose from our fixed disk space or shared disk space business email hosting plans. With our fixed space business email hosting plans, your disk space is limited per mailbox.


Some of Triplet’s Email Hosting features include: Disk Storage, Webmail, IMAP/POP3, SMTP, Spam/Virus Filtering, Mail Rules, Whitelists, Blacklists, Archiving, Data Security, Email Signatures, Folder Management and Large (50MB) Attachments.

At Triplet Computers, we will review your existing infrastructure to show how you can become more efficient, which will result in cost savings for your business.

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