Data Recovery

About our Hard Drive, Hard Disk, and RAID Data Recovery Services

We service Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and other operating systems. We also specialize in recovering data from RAID arrays and have expert recovery technicians for your invasive recovery needs.

The only way that you will pay us anything is if we provide you with a quality recovery of what you wanted recovered, at a price point that you can afford.

Common hard drive problems we handle everyday:

  • Hard drive clicking, beeping, grinding or makes other noises.
  • Hard drive not spinning at all
  • Hard drive was formatted
  • You smelled smoke when you ran power to your hard drive.
  • You are missing some important files.
  • BIOS detects drive as wrong size or model.
  • Can't access drive. Windows prompting "You need to format the disk.."
  • A disgruntled employee maliciously erased critical data.
  • You require a forensic data recovery.
  • You have a RAID-0 or RAID-5 array and require a RAID Data Recovery.
  • Your digital camera photos are no longer on your memory card.

Reasons to Choose Triplet Computers as Your Data Recovery Provider

  • Industry leading data recovery success rates.
  • Data recovery services are recommended by major hard drive manufacturers like Western Digital as well as computer manufacturers like Dell.
  • Simple, straight-forward, and accurate price quotes. No deceptive pricing, multiple thousand dollar price ranges, or bait and switch quotes.
  • No up-front payments required.You will receive a free evaluation, recovery attempt, and listing of recovered files prior to paying service fees.
  • Using our unique file viewer application, you will see a tree-structure of all recovered files and be able to make an informed decision of whether or not we were successful in recovering your data.
  • Strict privacy and security policies reviewed by independent third-party security review boards.

data recovery

At Triplet Computers, we will review your existing infrastructure to show how you can become more efficient, which will result in cost savings for your business.

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