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Mobile Device Management


As a business owner, you’re familiar with the pros and cons of mobile device use for business. The flexibility of remote connectivity improves employee productivity and also tends to increase employee satisfaction. But the obvious risks that come from mobile access to corporate networks—from the loss of confidential data stored on mobile devices to unauthorized network access—cannot be underestimated. And it makes no difference whether devices are employee-owned or company provided—if they are accessing your networks, the threat is real and potentially costly.

Benefits of Triplet’s IT PROTECT 247™ Mobile Device Management:

  • Extend IT systems management policies to mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry phones and tablets.
  • Protect business data no matter where it is accessed from.
  • Track location of mobile devices based on location history or in real time.
  • Force Alarm sound on device to help track lost device
  • Lock, wipe and reset lost or stolen devices.

At Triplet Computers, we will review your existing infrastructure to show how you can become more efficient, which will result in cost savings for your business.

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